About the Author

Steven GreenebaumReverend Steven Greenebaum is an Interfaith minister with Masters Degrees in Mythology, Music and Pastoral Studies. The study of myth taught him to appreciate the rich multitude of our planet’s spiritual traditions. Directing Jewish, Methodist, Presbyterian, UU and Interfaith choirs helped Steven understand the profound wisdom of so many of our spiritual traditions. In Pastoral Studies, Steven spent time not only studying scripture but also sharpening his own sense of the call of Interfaith.

Steven has dedicated his life to the oneness of humanity, working for social and environmental justice though a multitude of forums. Beyond teaching Mythology and directing choirs, he worked with Common Cause, and was the Founder/Executive Director of Citizens for Environmental Responsibility. Steven’s articles calling for social justice have been published in The Seattle Times and The Everett Herald, as well as The Northwest Asian Weekly.

In September of 2010 Steven opened the Living Interfaith Church in Lynnwood, Washington. “At present we are Muslims, Jews, Christians, Humanists, Buddhists and Baha’i, all coming together to share, learn from and celebrate our diverse spiritual paths. All of us recognize that it is not how we encounter the sacred, but what we DO about it that counts.”

In 2012 Steven published The Interfaith Alternative, which is still available, specifically offering Interfaith as an alternative to the distrust and much too often the hatred and violence that has accompanied humanity’s attempt to find the one “right” answer to our questions about God and the sacred. Practical Interfaith is his second book.